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How to Run a Summer Camp - Logistics Workshop Dec 14, 2007

Materials for running summer camps are found at

The Institute for Computing Education (ICE) at Georgia Tech is pleased to hold
a How to Run a Summer Camp - Logistics workshop Friday Dec 14th from 10am - 3pm
in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building room 1116E. Directions to Klaus 1116E.

We will cover the logistics of running computing summer camps for middle and high school students. This includes legal issues and forms, parking issues, marketing, registration, recreation, content, budget, staffing, evaluation, and more. We will introduce the content we cover in our summer camps: CS Unplugged, Scratch, PicoCrickets, Alice, LEGO NXT robots, and Media Computation. We will discuss the proposals we will accept till Jan 15th for seed money to help start computing summer camps at other Georgia public colleges and universities. Some of the winners of the seed grants for the summer of 2007 will talk about their experiences.

Do to a grant from the National Science Foundation we can pay for hotel rooms, meals, and parking. We also offer up to $4999.99 to 3 Georgia public colleges and universities each year to help them start computing summer camps.

  1. Wayne Summers,, Columbus State University
  2. Atin Sinha,,Albany State University
  3. Nadeem Abdul Hamid,, Berry College
  4. Shamim Khan,, Columbus State University
  5. Beccky Crosby,, Valdosta State University
  6. Solomon Negash,, Kennesaw State University
  7. Richard Hampton,, Coastal Georgia Community College
  8. Gerald Moody,, Coastal Georgia Community College
  9. Julie Sonnenberg-Klein,, GA Tech - Savannah
  10. Lydia Ray,, Columbus State University
I will have the on-line form up Jan 7th and you will have till Jan 18th to apply. We will
notify the seed grant winners by the end of Jan. The winning proposals from last year are:

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