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YWCA Teen Girls in Technology

We are working with the YWCA Teen Girls in Technology (TGI-Tech) program at 4 local middle schools. We are
introducing them to computing concepts using LEGO NXT robots, PicoCrickets, Alice, and Scratch. We started working with them in the spring of 2007
at two schools: Shamrock and Chapel Hill. In the fall of 2007 we also started working with Bunche. In the fall of 2008 we started working with
the Coretta Scott King Academy.

Two schools meet on Tues and Thursday (Shamrock and Chapel Hill) and two meet Tuesday and Wednesday (Bunche and the Coretta Scott King Academy)

The schools are:

Pre/Post Surveys

Spring 2007 YWCA TGI Tech
Fall 2007 YWCA TGI Tech
Spring 2008 YWCA TGI Tech
Fall 2008 YWCA TGI Tech
Fall 2009 YWCA TGI Tech
Fall 2010 YWCA TGI Tech
Spring 2011 YWCA TGI Tech