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Summer Camps 2007

We are creating a package on how to run a computing summer camp. This zip has slides on the planning, marketing, cost, and running of computing summer camps for middle and high school students. It also includes forms for parent permission, applications, teacher recomendation, and more.

Here are pre and post surveys to use with the summer camps. These are the ones we used in 2007. We will have new ones for 2008.

Here are the pre and post surveys we use with our short (4 hour) workshops.

Berry College put together a list of thing people are doing as outreach at

Ms. Michelle Venable-Foster ran our 2006 middle school camps and created powerpoint slides and sample Alice worlds in a zip at She also created a zip of Scratch materials which is also at

This is a zip of some of the best Scratch projects from the summer camps in 2007:

Here are some of the best Media Computation projects from the high school summer camps in 2007:

Here are some of the best Alice projects from the middle and high school camps in 2007:

Here are some angled movements for the robots:

Left, right, forward and backward movements:
Block Movements (revised).zip


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