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Follow-Up Page

Please tell me the type of follow-up to the summer workshop you would like.

Some options are:

My goal for next year is to use a large-scale programming project as a framework to teach all the concepts in the AB course. I need help developing my curriculum. Please see my Class Project page if you'd like to contribute.

I am interested in all but exercises for AP A and AP AB topics Sheria Enahora)

I would like instruction in the MBS (not just the role-playing activity). Maybe a series of classes where I would be the student going through the MBS so I would know how to go through it with my students. I spent most of my time just reading last year and never seemed to "do" anything.

I would be interested in evening classes, Saturday classes or maybe 1 or 2 days of workshop (if it could be done in that time frame).
Janet Blouin

I would like to have classes in the Data Structures section of the AP Curricullum. A couple of 1 day workshops? Or maybe one two day workshop?

Deepa Muralidhar

I would be interested in additional 3-4 hour workshops on a Saturday

Mr. Anelone Hilaire

I would like to possibly develop an alternate AP Case that uses some of the design concepts used in the Programming Sys Mgt Workshop and integrate them into the concepts required by the College Board.

Eddie Lindsey

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