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Directions to the College of Computing Building

The address for the College of Computing is 801 Atlantic Drive, N.W. The closest parking is in the State Street Visitor Lot (Area 4) at the end of State Street where it crosses Ferst Drive. You can reach State Street by going West on 10th Street after you exit I-75/85. Turn left on State Street (South) and it ends at the Visitor Parking Lot (on your left as you enter). This parking lot charges $2.00 an hour prepaid. Find the number on your parking spot an pay for the time you expect to be there at the machine in the lot. The machine takes bills or credit cards. You do not need to leave the ticket in the car.

See for more information.

If that parking lot is full you can park in the parking structure (Area 5) between State Street and Atlantic Drive on Peachtree Place NW. From the State Street lot go straight through the stop sign and you will see the parking structure on your right. Turn right as you come up to the parking structure and take a ticket. You will have to pay as you exit. The machine does take cash and credit cards.

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