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Visits by Barb Ericson 2005-2006

Requests for visits:

Cedric King Intro to Media Class 11:46 - 12:46 and 1:06 until 1:40
Westlake High School

Susan H. Mistretta - AP class 9:55-10:45am
Chamblee Charter High School
DeKalb County School System

Donna Robinson - PSM class
Milton High School
86 School Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30004
Fulton County

Michelle Venable Foster - AP class
South Gwinnett High School
Gwinnett County

Johnnie Sue Moore - not enought kids for PSM 2005
Jasper County High School
Jasper County

Verna Sodano-Richards after Oct 15th
DeKalb School of the Arts

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