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Suggested Syllabus for Media Comp in Java

This syllabus is for a introductory computing and programming course. Since teachers have different length classes (some are block and some are regular so I will put this about 30-60 min modules). You certainly don't have to follow this approach but can customize it for your class.

For a zip file of all the slides see

I have added topics for each set of slides so if you are looking for something in particular do a search for the topic on this page.

You have my permission to use and modify these slides. Please keep my name on as original author.

Barb Ericson ericson (at)

Lectures 1-5:

Lectures 6-10:

Lectures 11-15:

Lectures 16-20:

Lectures 21-25:

Lectures 26-30:

Lectures 31-35:

Lectures 36-40:

for answer sheet.

Lectures 41-45

Lectures 46-50:

Lectures 51-55:

Lectures 56-60:

Lectures 61-65:

Lectures 66-70:

Additional Topics (some for Advanced Placement Computer Science):


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