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July 21-25, 2014 -Middle School (Girls Only)

Summer Camp 2014 Application

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Art, Music and Games with Scratch and AppInventor (NCWIT)

All participants must complete the NCWIT Media Waiver

Art, Music, and Games with Scratch and App Inventor

Come learn how to create music, art, and games with Scratch and App Inventor. Both Scratch and App Inventor are free and allow you to drag blocks together to make things move, make music, make art, and make simple games.

Pre Survey
Do a getting to know you game like Kinesthic Learning Activity: boolean game
Show the Xylophone app and how to downloaded it to the phone. See Show how the program looks and talk through what the blocks are doing.
Have the girls do the Talk to Me app at

Ask the girls what their favorite apps are. Ask specifically about how the user interface works on the apps. Do a user interface design activity
Have the girls do Digital Doodle or the Ball Bounce at (the pdfs are at the bottom of the window).

Do flowchart hopscoth
Introduce Scratch - show and
Have kids try the Step-by-Step intro at If they finish quickly they can try the "Holiday Card Tutorial" also in tips.
Give kids time to create their own cards or projects that are about them.

Do green screen pictures.
Let kids do Interactive art or Flappy Bird Have them show off what they have done.

Campus Scavenger Photo Hunt
Have students do the fortune teller or Magic 8 Ball


Have students to the Get the gold app or MoleMash
If they would rather do Scratch try Mad Lib at

Show the girls and Ask girls to write a page about what they are doing in the future in computing (driverless cars, Google glass, robots, etc) and how they got there.
Work on Showcase Projects

Work on Showcase Projects

Post Survey - from NCWIT
Family Showcase

Instructor: Tiffany Hsieh
Materials: Laptops, mice, chargers, Android phones, Google accounts, notecards, green screen, CS Unplugged, tape, dice, scavenger hunt, blank paper
Workers: Madison, Karima
Mornings: Megan

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