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June 9-13, 2014 Elementary School

Summer Camp 2014 Application

Visual Art and Simulations with LEGO NXT and Scratch

Visual Art and Simulations with LEGO NXT and Scratch

See for instructions. Also see for more robot instructions. Also see for ArtBotics with LEGO NXT.

The theme for this week is Visual Art and Simulations with LEGO NXT and Scratch. Scratch is free software from MIT that lets kids create interactive art, music, animations, simulations, and games. Kids will make interactive art and simulations in Scratch. Kids will also create a routine for an NXT robot with four sensors, an actuator, and finger flashlights. They will video their robot parade performing in both light and dark.

Students will use variables and math operations to create interactive Visual Art Projects with Scratch.
Students will simulate Gravity and Travel through 2 dimensional Space while creating a Target Game in Scratch.
Students will use Lego NXT Robotics to create a Robot Disk Spinner that changes motor speed and direction with sensor input.
Students will create a movement routine with a wheeled Lego NXT and video the routine in both room light and dark, using the appropriate light settinge on the video camera.

Outline for Week

Introduction and Survey
Name Game (Ice Breaker)
Scratch: Spinner Art - Help them create Scratch 2.0 accounts
Sample Spinner Art
Sample with more keys used to trigger events
CS Unplugged - Count the Dots - Binary: and see Hide and Seek.
Brainstorm ideas for their Scratch Self Picture Animation and create a simple storyboard for their animation, incorporating the poses they have in their Green Screen photos

Green Screen Pictures (3 poses each to use in their Scratch Self Picture animation)
Lego NXT Robotics: Build Lego NXT CattBot ( CattBot Building Instructions.pdfor
Build CattBot. Warm up your programmer skills by programming CattBot to do some Crazy Moves - turns (3 different kinds), spins, forward and backward. Have your program start when you press the touch sensor and stop when you wave your hand in front of the ultrasonic sensor.

Binary Initial Bracelets -

Campus Scavenger Hunt
Drawing with CattBot - program CattBot to draw with marker and using light and ultrasonic sensor input to help the robot paint. Use three different programs you create to make a face on a poster: one program for eyes, one for nose, and one to draw mouth. Test drawing on whiteboards on floor, then draw on your poster board.

Scratch Amplitude Art - Sample

Scratch: Self Picture Animation - using the green screen photos of you taken yesterday, create a Scratch animation (music, dance, story, etc.) with you as the star.
CS Unplugged - Card Flip Magic - Error Detection -

Scratch: Angry Kitty Game - NXT Robotics: Build SpinArtBot. Create a simple spinning program for the Bot and paint a spin art disk. Then add to your programming so that your spinner can go faster or slower. Does the speed make a difference in what you can do while painting?
Develop two NXT programs for the SpinArt Bot, basic and advanced that lets artist choose spin speed. Use their SpinArt Bot to create three different discs of art.Error: this should not happenCS Unplugged - The Orange Game - Routing and Deadlock in Networks -


Build 5-MinuteBot that uses all four sensors, add original arm that will spin finger flashlights, program to follow each other in a parade around "The Town Square". Amplitude Art -
Scratch: Polygon Project - Unplugged Color by the Numbers -

Lego NXT Robotics: Parade and Chicken Dance
Scratch: Work on Projects for Parent Show
CS Unplugged - Treasure Hunt
Post survey
Prepare projects for parent Showcase
Parent Showcase

Scratch Projects:/b see
Spinner Art
Polygon Project
Amplitude Art
Change My Picture
Angry Kitty Game

Lego NXT:/b see
Spinner Bot
Drawing Bot
Finger flashlights in the Dark - Movement and Music Routine and Waving while filming

Instructor: Jo Ray Van Vliet, Andrew Heacock (Pace)
Materials: Laptops, mice, chargers, LEGO NXT kits, scavenger hunt printouts, finger flashlights,green screen and camera
Workers: Monday/Wednesday/Friday - Alex, Megan, Barry , Tuesday/Thursday- Dominic, Megan, Barry
Mornings: Mon/Wed/Fri - Karima, Tues/Thur - Blaire

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