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CANCELLED - July 28-August 1, 2014 - High School

Summer Camp 2014 Application

EarSketch II

Prerequisite: EarSketch I is a prerequisite to this camp

Through the computer programming interface, students will be able to control the full features of an industry-standard music production environment while learning about computer programming in Python and musical composition and remixing.

A custom social networking site will provide a venue for students to share their work, get inspired and remix other studentsí submissions and ideas into their own music. The week will culminate on Friday, in a show of music created during the workshop. This week of camp will take place in the College of Computing Building at Georgia Tech, Room 347.


EarSketch continued. Students with Python and EarSketch experience will further develop fluency with music remixing and computer science concepts of multi-dimensional arrays, image and sound encoding/decoding, effects analysis, and recursion. Students will work with the expanded EarSketch sound library and analysis features, including image conversion and the ability to create your own effects.

Details on the curriculum and topics can be found at



Pre-Camp Survey

EarSketch Review:

EarSketch Functions:

Python Tools:

What's new in EarSketch:

Project 01: Remix Redux - Practice and apply EarSketch tools to create a 64 Bar 4 Track remix with effects and beats.

Advanced EarSketch Topic: Sonification: Images as Data

Project 02: Listen to What I See: Creating Beats from Images

  1. Select an Image.
  2. Use the EarSketch encoder to transform your image to a two dimensional grayscale array.
  3. Use nested for Loops, Lists, and makeBeat to create a drum track from your image.
  4. Upload this project to the Social Media Site


Social Media Project: Mixing Pictures

  1. Select 3 Image/Beats on the Social Media Network from the previous day.
  2. Create a new mix incorporating these beats and re-upload to Social Media site.

Advanced EarSketch Topic: Teaching Computers to Listen

Project 03: Let the Computer Decide. Select an Analysis Technique and develop a remix that employs this technique to have the computer make "musical" decisions. Suggestions include:

  1. Have the computer create a beat pattern based on Analysis Data
  2. Have the computer select media samples based on Analysis Data.


Advanced EarSketch Topic: Creating Your Own Effects

Project 05: Select an Example from the EarSketch website Create Your Own Effects. Work through the example, selecting your own sounds and experiment with creating your own effects algorithms.

Afternoon: Recreation - Swimming


Advanced EarSketch Topic: Self-Simularity and Recursion

Project 06: Fractal Music. Develop a remix using recursive techniques.

Project 07: Final Remix. Using the advanced topics from this week, develop a Remix that employs analysis, image processing, effects, and fractals. We will share this project on Friday's Open House


Prepare Remixes for Afternoon Open House

Post Camp Surveys

Open House


Instructor: Christopher Michaud
Materials: Laptops, mice and chargers (1 each per student)

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