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July 21-25, 2014 - High School

Summer Camp 2014 Application

EarSketch I

EarSketch I 7/21/2014 to 7/25/20147

No prior programming experience required!

Students will learn to use the Python programming language in conjunction with Reaper, a digital audio workstation program similar to those used in recording studios, to create and remix music. Working both alone and in small groups, students will have an opportunity to remix provided samples and loops and record their own material to create music. No prior experience in music or programming is required.

Video Demonstrating EarSketch Music Creation

Through the computer programming interface, students will be able to control the full features of an industry-standard music production environment while learning about computer programming in Python and musical composition and remixing.

A custom social networking site will provide a venue for students to share their work, get inspired and remix other studentsí submissions and ideas into their own music. The week will culminate on Friday, in a show of music created during the workshop. This week of camp will take place in the College of Computing Building at Georgia Tech, Room 345.

Schedule for Week:

Pre Survey
Using the Digital Audio Workstation:
Identify Tracks, Measures, Beats, and Subdivisions within loops using the DAW.
Create a 2 to 4 Track remix using loops
Save and Render Music as a .wav or .mp3 file
Navigating the Workshop File System to access work.
Python Programming: What is Programming?
Create a sequence of steps to complete a task or solve a problem
Use variables as integers and strings to create a program to control the DAW using Python.
Use functions to remix music.
Use Python to create a 16 measure remix with two or more tracks

Music Structure and Form:
Identify sections in music through listening
Apply Python code to defining Sections in Music
Create a Remix with an A and B Section (Verse and Chorus)
Social Network:
Create Account on EarSketch Network
Upload project to EarSketch website.

Social Network:
Navigate the social network and download a project for remixing
Remix another student's project adding new loops or changing form.
Use for loops to remix another Python EarSketch Project
Python Programming: For Loops and Functions
Use the For Loop to create extended musical structures.
Create functions and define parameters to shorten code and provide structure to music.
Generating beats from strings

Python Programming:
Work with a partner to create a remix.
Use commenting to clarify code.
Debugging common errors
Share music projects with class.

Music Structure:
Identify fills in music (AAAB) form
4 Measure and 16 measure examples of fills
Python Programming
Create Functions to remix using Fills
Using Lists to organize musical samples.

Swimming / Recreation

Engagement Survey:
Python Programming and Remixing:
Using the effects methods to modify musical sounds
Conditional statements
Create a 64 measure ABABCB remix using a List-based library
Record student created music
Recording studio techniques

Recording studio time and final project planning
Sharing and partner remixing time

Work on final project
Post survey

EarSketch Music Showcase!

Instructor: Christopher Michaud
Materials: Laptops, mice, chargers (1 each per student)
Workers: Dominic, Morgan

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