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July 14-18, 2014 - Elementary School

Motion Sensing Input Devices (Kinect-Like) with Scratch 2.0 and LEGO WeDo

Summer Camp 2014 Application

Art and Movement with Scratch and WeDo - July 14-18, 2014

Subject to Review by Instructor

Scratch 2.0 is a free cloud computing solution from MIT that lets you create interactive art, animations, music, and games.

Students will CREATE Simple Machines using Lego Wedo and program them using Scratch 2.0
Students will IDENTIFY and USE Variables to manipulate Scratch and WeDo motors to control said machines.
Students will USE distance input to control computer graphics and Lego Wedo creations.
Students will USE binary numbers to perform basic counting and decoding operations.
Students will ENCODE their names in a binary system.
Students will CREATE moving sculptures with WeDo Robotics system that use rotational motion and gears.
Students will CREATE Scratch games and animations that will be control by body movement (optics).

The Scratch projects below can be found at

Camp Schedule:

Introduction and Survey
Scratch 2.0: Spinner Art - Using Random and Stamp
Scratch 2.0: Spiral Art - Using Pen Down, Width, Color
WeDo: Start Top Project

WeDo: Finish Top and Program with Scratch 2.0
Take GreenScreen Pictures
Open Time with Scratch 2.0

Campus Scavenger Hunt
Scratch 2.0: Polygon Project
Scratch 2.0: Name Art with Green Screen Pictures
WeDo: Moving Sculptures

Unplugged Activity: Binary Bracelet
WeDo: Moving Sculptures and Gears

Introduction into Scratch 2.0 Clones
Scratch 2.0 Balloon Game

Scratch 2.0 Flappy Birdie
Unplugged Activity: Sorting Tree

Google Docs: Google Presentation Lesson
Open Time for Projects and Google Presentation Draft

Google Docs: Google Presentation Final for Parent Show
Scratch 2.0: Open Time/Complete Scratch Project for Parent Show

Post survey
Prep for Showcase
Parent Showcase

Project List for Camp

Scratch Projects:
Spinner Art
Polygon Project
Spiral Scratch
Amplitude Art
Name Art with Pictures
Growing Flowers
Scratch Quilt Project
Change My Picture
Balloon Popping Game
Flappy Birdie

WeDo Projects:
Spinner Top
Moving Sculpture with Glowsticks and Picture Taking in Dark
Drawing Robot
Using Sensors to Control Art and Drawing with Scratch

Art / CS Unplugged Projects
Binary Bracelet
Sorting Tree

Instructor: Terry Foster
Materials: Laptops, mice, chargers, WeDo kits, binary bracelets, scavenger hunt, glowsticks, sorting tree activity
Workers: Megan, Dominic, Alexandra, Kamari, Blaire
Mornings: Morgan

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