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June 23-27, 2014 - Elementary School

Summer Camp 2014 Application

Computational Crafting with Blockly and Arduino

Computational Crafting with Blockly and Arduino

Bring out your inner inventor! In this summer camp we will work with the Arduino board and the SparkFun Inventor’s kit. The Arduino is a programmable micro-computer. Students will learn how to wire Lights, motors, sensors, and speakers as we create kinetic sculptures, our electronic toys, musical instruments, and small robots. Discover how electricity, circuits, binary numbers, and programming work together to make our machines and creations come alive! We will use Blockly, a drag and drop based programming language to program the Arduino. We will also explore circuits with Fritzing and software.

Agenda for Arduino Camp:

Introductions and Pre-Workshop Survey
Electricity: Series and Parallel Circuits, Current, Electrons, Ground, Resistors, LED, Power Source
Project 1: Wiring LED bulbs and Breadboard
Introduction to Arduino:
Output Pins


Binary Numbers
Project #2: Row of Lights
Programming Arduino with Blockly
Functions, Parameters, INPUT, OUTPUT
LED Blink Project – Make a design with Lights


Warm Up: Hour of Code Exercises:
Scavenger Hunt
Review of Arduino and Blockly – questions?
Project #3: Arduino and Music with Piezo


Binary Bracelets
Create Music with Arduino / Finish Project #3

Stack 'em Up Activity
Project #4: Arduino and Servos
Wiring Servos to Breadboard
Servo Programming with Blockly


Preview of Artbotics Videos of Sample Projects
Project #5: Vehicle or Kinetic Sculpture
Work on Projects for Parent Show
Kinetic Sculptures and Mechanisms
Build Kinetic Sculpture

Program Kinetic Sculpture
Work on Projects for Parent Show
Parent Show


Warm Up: Hour of Code Activities:

Amplitude Simulator with Scratch:

Post Survey
Group Picture



Clean Up

Instructor: Christopher Michaud /Mon-Thurs, Terry Foster /Friday
Materials: Arduino boards, laptops, mice, chargers, scavenger hunt, binary bracelet, art supplies for Kinetic Sculpture and servo vehicle, Software installed, 8 x 12 foam board (each student)
Workers: Kamari, Barry, Madison, Amanda

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