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June 9-13, 2014 - High School

Summer Camp 2014 Application

Make your own App in Java

Make Android Apps in Java: June 9-13, 2014


Pre Survey:

Description (Based on Android OS Camp)

You must have prior programming experience in Java: Advanced Placement Computer Science A or Beginning Programming, or Intermediate Programming before you register for this camp.
Mobile App development is one of the fastest growing fields. Learn how to create applications for portable devices in the ICE App Development Camp. This one week camp will equip you with the tools of user interface design, graphics, animation, and programming for the Android Mobile Operating System. Camp participants will use Java, Eclipse, and the Android Software Development Kit during this camp.

Agenda for App Development Camp Ga Tech

Android Java App Development

  1. Java Essentials
    1. Representing Objects in Program as "Classes"
    2. Instances of "Classes" point to specific objects in program
    3. Java data types
      1. Integers
      2. Floats
      3. Strings
    4. Java Control
      1. If Statements
      2. For Loops
    5. Defining a Class
      1. Name and Data
      2. Constructor
      3. Public and Private Functions
    6. Writing Functions
      1. Void Functions
      2. Return Functions ("return" a value)
  2. Event Based Applications
  3. Designing User Interface with XML
  4. Coding Button Events in Java
  5. Web View Objects
  6. List Objects
  7. Button Objects
  8. Text Field Objects
  9. Label Objects
  10. Defining Resources within an Android Java App
    1. String Resources
    2. Image Resources
    3. Sound Resources

Monday Java App Projects:

Android Java App Development

  1. Canvas Based Animation
    1. Dimensions of Canvas
    2. Principles of Animation
  2. 2D Game modeling and Design
  3. Defining Classes to represent Game Objects
  4. Using Sensor Control (Accelerometer)
  5. Creating custom Game Control Classes
  6. Modeling Game Logic

Location Based Apps
Accelerometer Sensor
Developing Web-View Apps with remote Server

Define Parent Show Apps and begin independent projects
Select and Plan Projects for Open House
Campus Tour
Work on Projects for Open House

Work on Projects for Open House

Post Survey:

Instructor: Christopher Michaud
Location: College of Computing building, room 347
Materials: Laptops, mice, chargers, phones, google accounts
Workers: Monday/Wed/Fri - Kamari, Dominic Tuesday/Thursday - Kamari, Madison

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