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How to take good pictures at our ICE events

Taking some pictures of the whole room with people working is okay, but don't take many of these. A picture of a room of people staring at computers is not very compelling. Ask at least some people to look up and smile.

Take pictures of students in small groups with the students looking at the camera and smiling. If they are working on robots then take a picture with the robot and student or students together. If they are doing something on the computer then take the picture from behind the computer and include the student and computer screen in the picture. Remind the student or students to smile.

For a one hour event you should have about 5-10 pictures at least. For a 3 hour event I would expect about 15-30 pictures. If the event includes things that move like robots then take some movies as well.

Do not take pictures of the backs of peoples heads. This never makes a good picture.

Check that you got a good picture (not blurry, in focus, people are smiling). If it isn't a good picture delete it and try again.

The following are examples of good pictures notice that we see people, what they are working on, and they are smiling.

The following are examples of bad pictures: backs of heads, blurry, and boring (nobody looking at the camera or smiling).

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