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Free Java learning materials and on-line courses

Free Java Tutorial originally created by Sun -

Oracle Academy -

See for materials for AP CS A using BlueJ

You can get all the materials for Stanfords' course for free at

You can get all the materials for an MIT Java course for free from 2010 at

There is a free Java textbook that is aimed at preparing kids for compeititons at I prefer this as a reference, but some high school teachers like it as a textbook.

Khan Academy has a free introduction to programming using processing-js. Processing is built on Java, but simpler. Processing-js is actually JavaScript underneath. JavaScript isn't the same thing as Java, but it is close.

You can also do Nick Parlante's of Stanford's CS 101 (in JavaScirpt) as a self-study course for free -

Also, see which sometimes offers the course for free during the summer for teachers

Other useful resources for AP CS A:

Greenfoot - free software that makes it easy to create 2D games and simulations in Java -
Tutorials for Greenfoot and Reference - Recorded webinars on Greenfoot -
Georgia Tech's database of AP A type multiple choice questions
Starter and testing code for past free response questions
DrJava - free IDE with an interactions pane and the ability to debug:
CodingBat - free small practice problems that you can code in the browser
Barbara Ericson's CodingBat page with some very simple problems:
Practice-It website - more of a range of problems than you find at CodingBat and more OO problems
Jeliot - Visualize Java code and step through programs (especially good for recursion)
Free Java textbook used for competitions - good as a reference
National Video Game Challenge
On-line demonstrations (animations) for loops, recursion, encapsulation, and more at

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