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CS Principles - Big Ideas - June 17-21, 2013

26 teachers attended.

Registration List for June 17-21 - Big Ideas

Teacher Workshop: CS Principles/Big Ideas June 17- June 21, 2013

Register at Preference will be given to teachers who will be teaching this material in the fall of 2013.

Workshop Presenter: Rebecca Dovi of Patrick Henry High School - one of the CS Principles Pilot teachers. See for more information.
Location: MS&E building, room 1224
Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm Monday - Thursday and 8:30am - 11:30am on Friday
Parking: Please park in W23. Click here for a map and look for W23 on the map.

This workshop will begin to prepare teachers to teach the non-programming part of the new Computer Science Principles (CSP) course. For more information on this new course see The National Science Foundation would like to have 10,000 teachers ready to teach this course by 2016-2017 when it will be offered as an Advanced Placement course. Please note that this course will not be an AP course until the 2016-2017 school year.

Thanks to our National Science Foundation grant we may be able to pay for the hotel if you live more than 30 miles from Georgia Tech for Sunday-Friday (2 teachers per room). We will let you know if your expenses will be covered after you register. We have limited funding for this so apply early if you need a hotel. If you would prefer a private room you can pay 1/2 the hotel cost ($67.50 for half). We do not cover alcohol or room service! Due to last minute cancellations and no shows, we require a $75 room deposit to be paid up front which will returned upon completion of the workshop. We will cover parking for teachers who stay at the hotel and reimburse parking for teachers who do not stay at the hotel. We will pay for lunch for all teachers. Space is limited to 30.

Educators will be provided with workshop materials, lessons and handouts that they can readily put to use in the fall.

Teachers will learn:

Tentative Agenda
Monday June 17
Overview and Approach to the material
Brief look at the CS principles documents
Unit 1: Computers in Society - do activities
Go over the documents: Big Ideas, etc
o Elbow share - read a section, discuss w/group then report back
Writing in CS Principles
Community of Practice website

Tuesday June 18
Overview of Portfolios
Unit 2: The Internet Unplugged - do activities
Portfolio Focus: Internet
Elephant in the Room: coding
Unit 3: Show me the Code
Unit 4 Algorithms - do activities

Wednesday June 19
Unit 5: Data - do activities
Online tools for Data
Portfolio on Data

Thursday June 20
Approach to Programming - embedding other CS topics while covering code
o Unit 6: Questions
o Unit 7: Repetition
o Unit 8: Arrays
12:30pm-1:00pm Speaker: Polo Chau - Making sense of big data: combining data mining and visualization
Portfolio on Programming

Friday June 21
Final Thoughts and Questions
Post surveys

Links to resources
Web design class with HTML5 and CSS created for high school use
Security - contest run by CMU students - can also try the materials any time -
CS 10K Community web site
Free 4 week on-line course on App Inventor that starts June 30th
Free mini-courses for teachers
Lessons on security for high school at hacker high school
Toy night from the AP CS A reading
AP CS A draft of the labs
Puzzles from the AP CS A reading

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