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Yell Academy - March 16, 2013 - WeDo

Yell Academy - March 16, 2013 1pm to 4pm

YELL! Academy: WeDo 3.16.2013

Students will make creations with LEGO "WeDo" sets and connect them to Scratch Animations. Scratch is free software from MIT available at

For a more detailed description, please visit

Location: Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Room 2443. Directions to the Klaus Advanced Computing Building. Parking is free in the State Street lot on the weekends.

Materials: WeDo kits,1 laptop, charger and mice for every 2 students, and a set of 4 manuals per kit (the building instructions are also on the laptops in the WeDo software)

Workers: Zoe (Lead), Demonte , Rita , and Karima

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