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Other Computing Camps in Georgia for Summer 2013

Spelman College 2 sessions for 3rd-5th, 2 sessions for middle school, 3 sessions for high school - 7 sessions total
Georgia Gwinnett College 1 session for high school and 2 for middle school - 3 sessions total
Valdosta State University 1 session for middle school so far
Columbus State University 3 sessions for elementary, 4 for middle, and 2 for high school - 9 sessions total
Mercer University 7 sessions for elementary and 7 sessions for middle to high school - 14 sessions total
University of Georgia 7 sessions for middle to high school
Albany State University - 1 session on Alice and NXT robots June 17-21st, 2013

Other camps at Georgia Tech and

The Walker School - cancelled
Robotics Camps: June 3-7th (Robotics 1, grades 2-3), June 10-14th (Robotics 2, grades 4-6), June 17-21st (Robotics 3, grades 5-7), and June 24-28th (Robotics 4, grades 8-9)
Tech Trek: July 29-Aug 2nd for rising 5-6 graders
Register at:

Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy
June 3rd - 7th, June 24th - 28th, and July 22nd - 26th
Contact - Cynthia Anderson,

Lanier High School
Contact: Mike Reilly,

Bookwood Community School
Contact: Theresa Friedman, ED.S.,

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