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July 22-26, 2013 - Elementary School

July 22-26: Music and Dancing with PicoCrickets and Scratch-Projects

Music & Dancing wih PicoCrickets & Scratch July 13

Would you like to create a story, interactive art, or a 2D game like pong? Would you like to make a musical pickle? Would you like to see how fast you react to a sound or a light? During this week of camp you will use free software from MIT called Scratch to create 2D animations and games. You will use PicoCrickets to make digital arts and crafts that react to sound, light, and touch. For more information on Scratch see For more information on PicoCrickets see You will do hands on activities that will introduce you to computing concepts such as repetition (loops), conditionals, variables, and random numbers.

9:00am Pre surveys:
9:15am Do a getting to know you game like the Kinesthic Learning Activity: boolean game
10:00am Students work in pairs with the PicoCrickets doing the musical pickle, reaction game, and kinetic sculpture ( Encourage them to try all the reaction game parts (use touch sensor, try with light and sound, try with resistance sensor, try with hands and feet). Ask who had the fastest reaction time. If they finish early add another of the placement activities.
12-1pm Lunch break and greenscreen pictures
1:00pm Introduce the motion modules ( Maybe have them try to hit a target
with the catapult. Or try the playing with data
2:45pm Ask for questions from the day

9:00am Do a CS Unplugged Activity - error detection and correction card trick (see Be sure to let kids try it on each other too.
9:30am - 10:30am Scavenger Hunt
10:30-11am Challenge the kids to create something from a school or park with the pico crickets.
11am-12pm Introduce Scratch
Explain that Scratch is free software created at MIT that lets you create 2D animations, interactive art, and games. Show the Scratch website Show the students the support page at and the video page at Have them view the "How to use Scratch intro" video (the one on the right). Show them how to open the Examples folder and look at the Animation folder and pick 8-DayDream and in the Music and Dance folder show them 6 BreakDance and maybe 2 ChickenNoodleSoup. Then show them how to do start a Scratch project using the green flag and how to end it with the red stop sign. Show them where to find the documentation on a Scratch project (in the File menu). Give them about 30 minutes to just open and play with Scratch projects. You can also show them the Scratch cards (at and have them try out one of the ideas from a Scratch card.
12-12:30pm Lunch break
12:30-2:30pm Show how to create a simple 2d animation in Scratch Have the kids create their own 2d animations and show them to the group.
2:45pm Ask for questions from the day

9:00am Do a CS Unplugged Activity and/or binary numbers or
9:15am Answer questions from the previous day
9:45am Show them how to create an interactive art project in Scratch. See
11:00am Show them how to modify the example pong game. See
12:00-12:30pm break for lunch
Recreation in the afternoon

9:00am Do a CS Unplugged Activity
9:15am Answer questions from the previous day
9:45am-12pm Let students select project to follow from or from
12:00-12:30 lunch break
12:30-2:45pm Kids create their own project in Scratch
2:45 Ask for questions

9:00am Do CS Unplugged Activity
9:15am Answer questions from previous day
9:45am Work on items for parent show
12-12:30pm lunch break
12:30pm Show kids the site and look at some of the profiles such as, and Talk about how what they have been learning relates to jobs.
1:00pm Do post surveys: Post survey
1:30pm Do group picture
2:00pm Do parent show - have ACM career brochures and Image your future in computing brochures.

Materials: Laptops, mice, chargers, PicoCrickets, scavenger hunt printouts, pickles
Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Emanuel , Madeleyne , Kamari , and Laura
Tuesday/Thursday: Kyle , Karima ,Zoe

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