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February 2, 2013: Middle School LEGO NXT

February 2, 2013 Middle School: LEGO NXT

Registration List for February 2 LEGO NXT Workshop

Register at:

LEGO Domabot Build

For a detailed description of this workshop, please visit

The workshop will take place in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Room 2456. It is for current 6th - 8th grade students. This workshop will be $30 per person. The workshop runs from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Directions to the Klaus Building can be found here: Please park in the State Street Parking lot which is free on weekends.

WE NOW ACCEPT ONLINE PAYMENTS!!! Please visit: and go to the "ICE Programs" store and look for this workshop. If you have any questions, please email us at: As always, we look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

Before the students arrive you should sign them into the laptops. When they enter the room they will be ready to take the Pre survey.

PRE survey:
POST survey:

Instructor: Theresa Freidman
Workers: Cayla (Lead) and Kamari

Materials: Laptops (10), mice (10), chargers (10), LEGO NXT kits (10)(1 of each for every 2 students), extensions cords (2) and surge protectors. Make sure the bricks have been charged before the workshop.

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