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November 3, 2012 - Lego NXT Robotics - 26 students

November 3, 2012: LEGO NXT Robotics

Registration List for November 3, 2012 LEGO NXT Robotics
Equipment: 1 laptop and LEGO NXT, 1 LEGO Resource kit (blue) per 2 students. The search and rescue courses. Make sure the bricks have been charged before the workshop.

The workshop will take place in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Room 1456. It is for current 4th-6th grade students. Go to to register. This workshop will be $30 per person. The workshops run from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Directions to the Klaus Building can be found here: Please park in the State Street Parking lot which is free on weekends.

Students in this workshop may choose between two RoboCup Junior Challenges:

Search and Rescue: Build and Program a robot to search through a ramp and maze to locate trapped people. Robot must navigate maze, climb the ramp, and not get stuck!

Students will use the NXT Lego Robots to create a Dance Routine. Given a 30 second clip of Music, students must build and program a robot to move in time and feeling with the music.

Topics to Cover:
Engineering to climb ramps
Using Gears and Motors
MyBlocks to create methods.
Using the Light Sensor to determine types of reflected light.

Before the students arrive you should sign them into the laptops using e-mail address and survey number found on their name tags. When they enter the room they will be ready to take the Pre survey.

PRE survey:
POST survey:

Instructor: Christopher Michaud and Theresa Freidman
Materials: Laptops (20), mice, chargers, LEGO NXT kits (20), RESOURCE KITS (20)

Workers: Maduri(lead), Sravya, Demonte , and Blaire

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