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Cancelled - Yell Academy - January 26, 2013 - Middle School - App Inventor

b>This workshop has been cancelled due to a low number of registrations.

YELL! Academy - January 26, 2013 - Middle School - App Inventor

Don't have prior programming experience? That's okay because no experience is needed! With AppInventor, just drag-and-drop the programming blocks together like a puzzle to make the user interface and program, it's that easy. You can learn how to write music apps, apps that tell your fortune and more. Never wonder again if there's an app for that because you'll be able to create your own! Cell phones and other tools provided.

For a more detailed description, please vist

Location: Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Room 2447. Directions to the Klaus Advanced Computing Building

Materials: Laptops (1 per 2 students), mice, chargers, android phones

Workers: Laura(Lead), Kamari , and Madison

10 minutes - pre-surveys
10 minutes - introduce lead and workers. Say why you are in computing.
20 minutes - Cowbell (

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