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Yell Academy - Oct 6th, 2012 - Scratch

This event will be from 1pm - 4pm in the Klaus Building Room 2443. Directions to the Klaus Advanced Computing Building. We will be introducing about 30 middle school students to Scratch.

YELL! Academy: 10/6/2012

Registration with Yell! Academy closes on September 28, 2012. Please register on the Yell! Academy website: We have a max of 30 students.

PRE survey:
POST survey:

Total number of students registered: 35
Total number of students attended: 35

Equipment: 15-30 laptops with Scratch

Workers: Maduri (lead),Chasity, Kamari, Madeleyne (arriving at 1 p.m.)

Notes: Institute for Computing Education is charging Yell! Academy $25 per person for this event.

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