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Fiesta Atlanta 2012

Fiesta Atlanta, May 6, 2012

We will be helping at Fiesta Atlanta on Sunday May 6th 2012. This event is at Centeniall Olympic Park. We will have a 10 by 20 foot tent. We will bring 20 Pleos and examples of
LEGO WeDo, NXT, Tetrix, and Finch robots. They expect about 40,000 people at this event.

We will bring flyers for the computing summer camps at Georgia Tech. We will also bring the ACM career brochures and the NCWIT talking points for girls in English and Spanish.

They will have volunteers to help us.

Set-up is from 7am - 9am. It goes till 7:00pm but we can let them know if we need to leave earlier. We will need the 20 Pleos charged on Friday and extra batteries charged as well.

Barb, Nikea, Stephanie, Annette, Emanuel, Terry