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LEGO NXT + Resources 3 hour workshop details

Remember to take good pictures. Examples can be found here:

Ages: 4th grade through high school
Equipment: laptop and NXT Education Base Set for half the number of students (we usually have them work in groups of 2-3 people). 1 Resource kit per 2 NXT Education Base Sets. One Resource Kit contains the extra parts to a
Materials: Blue painters tape, white foam core board, black electrical tape (and maybe green electrical tape), white construction paper, scissors, markers.

Wireless issues- call 404-478-7310 for any problems with Wandering Wi-Fi

Before each workshop
During each workshop

15 minuts pre surveys and show Explain that robots perform surgery, work in hostile environments, and much more. Robotics is a growing field.

15 minutes:
Introduction to LEGO NXT

Next 1-1.5 hours:
Show students the projets at and have those that haven't built anything with the NXT kit build one of the easy to build projects (like top spinner or door alarm). Kids that have built with NXT's before can do one of the more complex projects like Spin Art or Flipping Gymnast).

Next 30 minutes:
Make sure kids get to program their project. If they are new to NXT they can download the program from the site and look at it and try to modify it. If they have programmed the NXT before encourage them to read the description of the program and try to build it themselves before downloading the code.

Last 15 minutes:
Do the post-surveys! We must have a post-survey for each person who attends!

After each workshop

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