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Feb 25, 2012 - Scratch and WeDo- 36

February 25 Elementary Workshop- Scratch and WeDos

Registration for Feb. 25, 2012 Workshop - Morning Session

Registration for Feb. 25, 2012 Workshop - Afternoon Session

Scratch is free software from MIT available at that you can use to create 2D animations, games, art, and music.

Scratch Workshop for February 25th, 2012: Using We-Do Sensors to make Games with Tilt and Distance Controls!

How do we use Tilt and Distance sensor input values to control game characters? In this workshop students will create a “Seeking” Game where a character “searches” through different scenes and moves using the We-Do Tilt Sensor. Students will also create a driving simulator and use the Distance Controller to create a Virtual Instrument in Scratch.

Samples / Scripts / Directions at:

Schedule for Workshop:

Pre-Workshop: Open Build Time with We-Do Kits

Segment 1: 15 Minutes
Pre-Workshop Survey and Introductions

Segment 2: 45 minutes
Musical Instrument with sensor or Sound Art

Segment 3: 15 Minutes
Sharing Time

Segment 4: 45 minutes
Avoiding Game - Wizard Shoot

Segment 5: 45 minutes
Seeking Game

Segment 6: 15 Minutes
Post Survey and Cleanup

Topics To Cover:
Tilt and Distance Values as Sprite Controllers
How to change backgrounds to give the feel of changing “rooms” or “locations” for the game or story.
Using Drum and Sound Blocks to make music.

Haritha (lead and teacher)

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