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Alice Resources

Short videos on how to do things in Alice are at

Website with a whole course from the Learning to Program with Alice book

Creating a simple game in Alice by Barb Ericson with ideas from Susan Rodgers click a cow project.
SimpleGameInAlice.ppt. This is intended for high school students.

Here is a set of slides used to teach elementary age Girl Scouts about programming a game using Alice. It was created by
Mike Scott from the University of Texas at Austin. It has a cow that is controlled by the arrow keys and when it gets near
the hay it eats it.

Materials for middle school outreach are here

Some on-line tutorials for Alice are at:

Materials from Susan Rodgers of Duke Un for middle school for K-12 teachers

Worlds from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Alice competition can be seen at:

Barbara Ericson and Steve Cooper are working on some Alice-Media Computation projects. These require the classes in
bookClasses. You can get the zip for the bookClasses directory
from See for the projects.

An outline of a course that uses Alice and Media Computation is here:
Outline for Alice-MC.doc

Tutorial created by Barb Ericson
Alice Tutorial.ppt
Tutorial on Scene Transitions by Kate Rosier

Some Project Ideas for Alice-Media Computation by Lana are here:

Powerpoints from summer camp for middle school students written by Michelle Venable-Foster
Alice Advanced!.ppt
Introduction to Alice.ppt

Alice is a free, powerful, high level animation programming environment. It can be used to introduce object-oriented programming to novice programmers.

The goals of the project are to

See more about Alice at

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