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How do you set system variables for leJOS?

See for current instructions in the tutorial.

The below instructions are for Windows XP.

Click on Start-> Control Panel -> Double click on System
Uploaded Image: controlPanel.gif

In the Advanced Tab click on the Environment Variables Button
Uploaded Image: SystemProp.gif

Click on the new button under System Variables (near the bottom of the window)
Uploaded Image: newVar.gif

Type in LEJOS_HOME for the variable name and the directory that you installed lejos into for the variable value. When you are done click on OK.
Uploaded Image: lejosHome.gif

Click on the new button under System Variables again and this time
type in RCXTTY for the variable name and USB for the value.
Uploaded Image: rcxtty.gif

Click on the PATH variable and then click on the edit button. Add
%LEJOS_HOME%\bin and the path for the Java SDK bin directory.
Uploaded Image: path.gif

Click on the CLASSPATH variable if there is one and edit it and add the path to the classes.jar and pcrcxcomm.jar. If there isn't one add one and set it to
Uploaded Image: classpath.gif

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