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What to do if DrJava can't save .drjava

DrJava tries to read a file called .drjava in the user's home directory. If it can't find that file or can't write to that file it gives an error. This can happen if your school sets the user's home directory to a directory that s/he can't write to.

To fix this we need to tell DrJava to use another file that is in a place that the student can read/write. In order to do that we need to download the .jar file instead of the .exe file.

1) Download the jar file from
2) Right click on this drjava.txt file and save it as drjava.txt to a directory the student can write to.
4) Edit drjava.txt and change the directory name for your version of Java, change the location of the tools.jar file if it doesn't match yours and the classpath for the book classes if you need to.
3) Right click on this DrJava.bat file and save it as drjava.bat in the directory the student can write to. Start DrJava by double clicking on this file.

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