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Marketing your camp

Create a logo for the camp.
Create a flyer. Make sure it appeals to both boys and girls. Girls prefer to see people on the flyer and boys are okay with things.
We don't say that these are computing camps. We name them things like "Make your own apps with App Inventor!", "Artificial Life Forms with LEGO NXT and Alice", "Art and Movement with WeDo and Scratch".
E-mail the flyer to local schools or ask if you can add your flyer to other things the school sends out.
Send hardcopy of the flyer to schools, day-cares, and churches.
E-mail the flyer to the local PTSA.
Put an ad in the Parent's magazine or local newspaper.
Try to get on the local news or radio.
Put an ad in the Parent's magazine issue about summer camps.
Put an ad on Craigslist.

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