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Details on Georgia Tech camps

Camp hours: 9am - 3pm
Camp is lead by: elementary, middle or high school teacher
Camp assistants: undergraduate students and high school students
Ratio of assistants to students: 1 to 10 with extra help at lunch time and recreation for elementary kids
We provide lunch and a t-shirt at each camp.
The kids do some sort of recreation at least one afternoon of the camp (like go swimming).
We have a parent show the last hour of the last day.
We usually have about 24 students at camp (this max is based on the size of the room)
We offer partial scholarships(they still pay $75) to up to about 20% of the students
We don't accept students who apply on a first-come-first-served basis. We try to get at least 25-30% females and at least 30-40% minorities.

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