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June 13-17th - Adventures in Animation II

Scavenger Hunt Pictures
June 13-17th - Adventures in Animation II Parent Show Projects

Would you like to be the director of a 3D movie? Would you like to program a robot to create spin art or hit a ball? In this session you will use free software from CMU called Alice to allow you to make 3D animations and simple games. And, you will use LEGO NXT robots to solve a series of challenges. For more information on Alice see For more information on LEGO robots see You will learn the basics of object-oriented programming: classes, objects, and methods (behaviors). You will also learn some basic computing concepts: repetition (loops), conditionals, and variables.

Monday June 13 9am - 3pm

Tues June 14 9am - 3pm

Wed June 14

Thursday June 15

Friday, June 4th 9am - 3pm (parent show at 2:00pm)

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