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How to set-up the Guess-who game

To set-up the guess who game for your students:

  1. Download and unzip the file into a directory called games. This will create a guessWho directory in it.
  2. Rename games/guessWho/people to games/guessWho/people-old
  3. Rename games/guessWho/images to games/guessWho/images-old
  4. Put pictures of your students as .jpg files in games/guessWho/images. Make sure that the images are small enough. They should be less than 200 pixels wide and tall.
  5. Double click on the run.bat file to start GuessWho. Click on "Add people to game" and answer the questions for each person.
  6. Once everyone's picture is in the games/guessWho/images directory and everyone's information has been entered you can play the game. Click on "Play Game" to start the game.

When you click on run.bat you will see
Uploaded Image: startWindow.jpg

When you click on "Play Game" with the origial people and images directories you will see
Uploaded Image: playGameOrig.jpg

To play the game ask a question by picking the gender, hair color, eye color, or earings? You will be told if you are right or wrong. If you are right the people that don't match that answer will be elimintated. When you think you know the answer click on the picture of the person and you will be told if you are right or wrong.
Uploaded Image: playGame.jpg

When you click on "Add people to game" you will see
Uploaded Image: addPerson.jpg

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