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March 12th 2011 - Scratch - WeDo and Space and Gravity Simulators

Roster for March 12th - Scratch - WeDo and Space and Gravity Simulators
Create games and simulations using gravity and inertia to simulate real movement through space. We will explore acceleration, vectors, and motion with Space Games!

Scratch Projects:

Realistic Target Game with Gravity

Asteroids Game Using WeDo Robotic Controllers

The workshop will take place in the College of Computing, room 345. The workshops run from 9:00am - 12:00pm. Directions to the College of Computing Building and parking instructions are at To register for the spring 2011 workshops go to We will notify you concerning your status within a week of submission. Please contact Felicia Brewster at if you have any questions.

Workers: Nikea, Michelle, Hannah


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