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January 22nd 2011 - Scratch - Creating a Music Video or Animated Story - 19 students

Pictures from Jan 22, 2011 Scratch

Roster for January 22nd - Scratch - Creating a Music Video or Animated Story
Sprites, Camera, Action! Use timer, Broadcasts, and "When I Receive" to organize action and music in Scratch Dancing and Story Animations!

Activities and Agenda:
1. Take Pictures in Greenscreen room and do Pre-Survey
2. Create Basic Movement Routines in Scratch
3. Using Costume Changes to simulate motion (Animate yourself!)
4. Select Music for Animation
5. Identify form for music (Verse, Chorus, Bridge) and timing
6. Create Dance Animation - Using Broadcast to coordinate action.
7. Select short story
8. Create storyboard and characters
9. Using Broadcast to coordinate story characters.


The workshop will take place in the College of Computing, room 345. The workshops run from 9:00am - 12:00pm. Directions to the College of Computing Building and parking instructions are at To register for the spring 2011 workshops go to We will notify you concerning your status within a week of submission. Please contact Felicia Brewster at if you have any questions

Student Workers:

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