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Intro Scratch 3 hour middle-to-high school details

Remember to take good pictures. Examples can be found here:

Ages: 6th to 12th grade
Equipment: laptop for each student, can pair students if have to
Additional Resources:

Before each workshop
During each workshop

15 minutes: do pre-surveys

30 minutes:
Explain that Scratch is free software created at MIT that lets you create 2D animations, interactive art, and games. Show the Scratch website Show the students the support page at and the video page at Have them view the "How to use Scratch intro" video (the one on the right). Show them how to open the Examples folder and look at the Animation folder and pick 8-DayDream and in the Music and Dance folder show them 6 BreakDance and maybe 2 ChickenNoodleSoup. Then show them how to do start a Scratch project using the green flag and how to end it with the red stop sign. Show them where to find the documentation on a Scratch project (in the File menu). Give them about 10-15 minutes to just open and play with Scratch projects. You can also show them the Scratch cards (at and have them try out one of the ideas from a Scratch card.

15 minutes:
Show them how to create a simple 2D animation in Scratch. See

30 minutes:
Challenge students to create their own animations. Have a couple of students show what they created and explain it.

15 minutes:
Show them how to modify the pong game (Games 4-Pong) in Scratch to add a score. See

15 minutes:
Challenge them to create another variable to control how fast the ball moves (speed). See
They can also add more than one ball if they want. Have some students show what they have created.

30 minutes
Work on their own game or animation in Scratch. See or for ideas.

15 minutes
Have them share what they have created.

Last 15 minutes:
Do the post-surveys! We must have a post-survey for each pre-survey!

For more advanced students try to create a simple game in Scratch. See

After each workshop

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