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Robot Resources

Robot Competitions

Resources for LEGO Robots

CS1 and CS2 materials for LEGO robots

Videos from Georgia Tech's introduction to CS using Robots
robots trying to draw art
and pictures

A wiki about NXT robotics and especially our school’s robotics program at the web address below. If anyone would like to contribute or share ideas about what they are doing with their classes, that would be wonderful.

Free software for learning to program using a virtual (on-screen) robot
Curriculum materials are at

Information on the robot car that Georgia Tech is using for the urban challenge

Lending Libraries for LEGO robots and PicoCrickets for 2007-2008

Materials from Kristie Brown the LEGO Education Rep

Material for FIRST LEGO League

Robot Drummer from Georgia Tech

Robot Baby

Microsoft Robotics
Blog and Studio - Partnership with Georgia Tech

Video on current robot research, the future of robots, and a bit about RoboCup.

New center at CMU for robot curriculum funded in part by Microsoft

Several good robot challenges are at

USB stuff that can be used to build several different kinds of robots.
See presentation on them at

Information on using Visual Basic and C++ to program LEGO Mindstorms 2.0

There is a Java robotics user group at

A blog on robotics stuff is at It has information on the new LEGO Mindstorms
NXT which is coming out in Aug 2006. It also has an update on ASIMO and AIBO.

A website with info on using leJOS for LEGO Mindstorms is at E-mail me for the password
There is also a curriculum for using leJOS at
And more at

Robofest is an autonomous robotics competition that
encourages High School students to use Java to program
robots such as Lego Mindstorms or IntelliBrain-Bots.

Robotics at Ga Tech
Mobile Robots Lab
Prof Tucker Balch

Where the dogs play soccer! Sony AIBOs coordinate via wireless communication to play as a team.

Robin Murphy, Search and rescue robots,

FIRST Robotics Competition

LEGO Mindstorms, Robotics Invention System, Can be programmed with Java (see A kit cost about $200.00 and comes with 2 motors, sensors, and lego parts and instructions on how to build sample robots.
A set of instructions for building a simple robot are at

Book for using Java to program the mindstorms robots:
Programming Lego Mindstorms with Java (With CD-ROM)
by Dario Laverde, Giulio Ferrari, Jurgen Stuber

Cye robots can be programmed with Java, VB, or VC++
The Java classes are at
Information about Cye is at

Intellibrain system from
RidgeSoft is also recommended for programming in Java

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