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Flowchart hopscotch

This is a kinesthetic learning activity (KLA) that has students execute a program shown via a flowchart. I usually get a big pair of dice (either foam or blow-up from a school supply store) and use chalk or blue painters tape to draw a flowchart.

The flowchart has a start symbol with an arrow leaving it pointing to the next box.
Then a box with "Name" and the person says her/his name.
Then an arrow to the next box which says "Dice". Which means to toss the dice.
Then a conditional which asks if the dice is less than 3 if using one die or less than 6 if using 2.
There is a arrow labeled true which leads to a box that says jump and an arrow labeled false that leads to a box that says clap

If you don't have dice you can use a coin instead.

Later when they learn about loops you can do this with a loop in it as well. I like to start with while loops first.

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