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Videos and Marketing

Cool videos to show students
Robot that can defuse a bomb
The landing of the Mars Curiosity
The making of the movie Avatar
The future of gaming
Nao (humanoid robots that are about 2 feet tall dancing
Very human looking robot
People talking to humanoid robot that they are saying goodbye to
TED talk - Stephen Wolfram
TED talk - Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry from MIT on wearable computing
TED talk - Minority report style user interface by John Underkoffler
Program or be Programmed video (long but interesting)
Military robots
Cheetah robot

Videos to show teachers
she++ - women and computing
Video from high school females about why are there so few girls and how to attract more

National NCWIT Award Winners (young women in computing)
Girls and Women in computing that are doing/or did interesting things
Top 10 innovators that are under 35

Videos by NCWIT winners Check out the The Future Of Technology one.

Society for Information Management videos

Using a Microsoft Kinect as a virtual dressing room.

New website to get young women interested in computing
New website to get young women interested in engineering

Video on the history of Google and web searching

Cool video by Corning about future technology (has lots of glass displays) and a new one at

Triumph of the nerds: and The Machine that Changed the World and other such movies at

Video about Google

Video showing a robot and Georgia Tech female student playing

Video on research on brain interfaces

Lots of great computing videos like "The machine that changed the world" are at

A video "The secret life of software" that is an intro to objects, classes, methods, data (fields) and encapsulation

Some videos on teaching Java in AP CS are at

A movie on creating the future from Microsoft Research

Interviews with Nicholas Negroponte about the One Laptop per Child Project

A movie on software and object-oriented programming in Java

A video about electronic voting

A segment about kids on-line is at

A video on sorting is at

A video on the new robotics CS1 at Georgia Tech using Scribbler Robots

Part of a documentary about secret Rosies, women who did secret computing work during World War II and were early programmers.

Professor Randy Pausch, developer of Alice, died of cancer in the summer of 2008. He gave a wonderful and very funny lecture which you can see at here (about 2 hours). You can also order the DVD from He was also on Good Morning America which you can see at (about 9 minutes).

Interviews with Computing Educators

LEGO First Nanotechnology Competition

Money magazine ranked Software Eng as the #1 job and Computer IT analyst as job #7 based
on pay, growth, stress, and other factors.

Georgia Tech's Digital Video Special Effects class has student created videos at

The University of Washington created 3 videos. One is pathways (broadening what CS is), power to
change the world (power of CS), and a video of female CS graduates who work
at Google, Microsoft, and Amazon (see A Day in the Life). See
They also have capstone design videos at

This site has a large number of videos on CS

The Power of Partners: Video on the impact parents, teachers, and advisors have on women doing IT. See

Here is a video of minority report style user-interface

Robotic cars for the DARPA Urban Challenge

Computer Science 4 Fun magazine (similar to Wired)

This program introduces viewers to three pioneers who are tackling the challenges of modern life head on and examines why America is not producing great scientists and engineers at the rate of other countries.

Here is a presentation created by Barb Ericson of Georgia Tech that tries to
debunk the myths about comptuter science: no jobs, boring, geeks, etc.
To get the videos to work you will need to put them in the same directory
as the powerpoint slides.

The National Science Foundation made a video to market technology to girls.

A good book for girls is Changing Our World, True Stories of Women Engineers
by Sybil E. Hatch, ASCE Pr, 2006 Press, 221 pages, ISBN 0-7844-9841-6

See Recruiting for more ideas

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