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Kinesthic Learning Activity: boolean game

Materials: 3x5 cards, pens or pencils.

Procedure: Give each student a card. Have each student put the answer to a series of quesions such as:

1) What is your hair color?
2) Do you wear glasses or contacts?
3) What is your favorite color?
4) What month were you born?
5) What is something about you that people here don't know and can't tell by looking at you.

Then collect the cards and shuffle them. Select a card. Read the answer to #5 and say this is the person we are looking for. Have all the students stand up and then have them sit down when their answer doesn't match. The person who is still standing at the end is the person. If you have more than one person standing at the end you can ask people to vote with a show of hands for each person.

When you are asking the questions use "and", "or", and "not" as well. So say something like "sit down if your hair isn't brown."

Afterwards explain about boolean logic and how x and y means both x and y are true. X or Y means only x or y has to be true. You can also talk about the amount of information you get from a question.

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