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Pleo robot 3 hour workshop details

Remember to take good pictures. Examples can be found here:

Ages: 4th grade through high school
Equipment: laptop and Pleo for half the number of students (we usually have them work in groups of 2 people)
Materials: extra charged battery per Pleo, SD card, SD card reader. The SD cards should be pre loaded with a personality. The batteries take 4 hours to charge and don't hold a charge for long so it is best to charge them the day before the workshop or the day of the workshop.

Wireless issues- call 404-478-7310 for any problems with Wandering Wi-Fi

The personalities are in these zip files:

To install a personality just copy the .url file to the SD card. Girls like the lovestruck one. The holiday one is also good. Please note that which type of personality to use depends on the operating system that is loaded on the Pleo. To update a Pleo to 1.1 use the following These probably don't work on the newer Pleos (the Pleo rb) in the beige boxes, but I haven't checked.

Before each workshop

15 minutes: Do the pre-surveys! Make sure everyone fills it out and do the following During each workshop

15 minutes:
Introduce the Pleos and talk about robots, computers, and artificial intelligence and how the robotics field is fast growing. Show the following profile of a young women in robotics ( You an also show and explain that this research group is working on how to teach robots by showing them how to do things. You might want to show them the Nao robots dancing to Thriller (see Show the sensors Show the kids how to turn the Pleos on and off. Show them how to put the SD cards in the Pleos. Have them interact with the Pleos both without the SD cards and with them. Warn them that the Pleos take much longer to start when you put the SD cards in (about 10 seconds).

Next 1.5 hours:
Have the kids do some of the projects at A common mistake is to make too many keyframes. Show them how to delete keyframes (by right clicking on the keyframe and selected delete).

Next 45 minutes:
Challenge the kids to come up with a skit for their Pleo or work in groups of 4 with 2 Pleos.

Last 15 minutes:
Do the post-surveys! We must have a post-survey for each person who attends!

After each workshop

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