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Alice 2 or Storytelling Alice - 4 hour workshop details

Remember to take good pictures. Examples can be found here:

Ages: 4th grade to high school
Equipment: laptop for each student with Storytelling Alice for 4th grade to middle school or Alice 2.2 for high school.
Wireless issues- call 404-478-7310 for any problems with Wandering Wi-Fi

Before each workshop
During each workshop

10 minutes: Introductions - see During each workshop
10 minutes: Pre-survey
10 minutes:
Explain that Alice is free software from CMU that lets you create 3D movies and games. Show the Alice website Show some of the winners from the Georgia Tech Alice competition ( so that they can see what they can do with Alice. Also show the distance learning site and point out the video tutorials and projects. For elementary school show: or For middle school and high school students show the winner of the individual movie for their age group (

15 minutes
Open up Alice (Storytelling for 4th-8th grade and 2.2 for high school). Show students how to create objects from classes in Alice. Show them how to position, resize, and turn the objects using the mouse controls. Show them how to invoke methods on objects in Alice (like built-in methods in Storytelling and move, turn, and say). For Storytelling Alice have them view

30 minutes
Let the girls try out creating objects, positioning them, and invoking methods on the objects. They can create a short story using the "say" methods to have characters talk to each other. They can have a character introduce them and say a few things about them.

15 minutes
Ask for volunters to show what they have done.

15 minutes
Show them how to do more than one thing at a time (Do Together) (see Show them how to change the duration of the animation (see Show them how to create their own methods in Alice (see If you have more advanced studnets you can show them how to create parameters to make the methods more reusable (see

30 minutes
Have the students create a story with several things happening at the same time using the "Do Together". Encourage the girls to create at least one method.

15 minutes
Show them how to use the loop (see to repeat a command and challenge them to use a loop. Or show them how to create multiple scenes in Storytelling Alice and switch between them (see

Rest of time:
If there is time have some volunteers show off what they have created.
Do the post-surveys! We must have a post-survey for each person who attends!

After each workshop

To learn more see and

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