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LEGO NXT robot basics 4 hour workshop details

Remember to take good pictures. Examples can be found here:

Ages: 4th grade through high school
Equipment: laptop and robot kit for half the number of students (we usually have them work in groups of 2-3 people)
Materials: Blue painters tape, white foam core board, black electrical tape (and maybe green electrical tape).

Wireless issues- call 404-478-7310 for any problems with Wandering Wi-Fi

Before each workshop
During each workshop

15 minuts pre surveys and show Explain that robots perform surgery, work in hostile environments, and much more. Robotics is a growing field.

15 minutes:
Introduction to LEGO NXT

Next 1-1.5 hours:
Build the domabot Attach the left motor to B and the right motor to C (closest to the motor). Walk around and help people with finding parts and how to put the robot together. If you have a large group assign one helper to a group of 10-15 people in an area. Take pictures while they are building the robots. Get some shots of everyone working and some with a group and their robot and have them smile!

Next 30 minutes:
First NXT challenges

After a group has solved the courses - next 30 minutes:
Making a NXT robot dance

For advanced groups let them add a light sensor and then do challenges 16 and 17 and try to follow a black line on a white foam board. Or have them add the ultrasonic sensor and do the maze in the Mayan Adventure Challenge.

Last 15 minutes:
Do the post-surveys! We must have a post-survey for each person who attends!

After each workshop

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