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During each workshop

  1. Introduce the leader and the assistants. Have each undergrad say his/her name and what he/she is majoring in and why. Have high school student helpers say their names and what school they are at and what they plan on majoring in.
  2. Tell them where the bathrooms are and where vending machines are.
  3. Tell them when lunch is (if it is during lunch time) and where they can eat.
  4. Tell them how to fill out the pre-survey and tell them why we want them to fill out the pre-survey. You can say, "This workshop is part of research on finding ways to get students interested in computing. Please fill out the survey completely to help us with our research."
  5. Show them a dot diva person that connects what they are doing to a computing job. See For Alice or Scratch show
  6. If we have more than 20 students attending the workshop assign groups of 10 students to each assistant. Have the assistants walk around and ask each student/group if they need help.
  7. Take at least a few photos of the whole group working. Take pictures of individual students (ask them to smile) and what they are working on. If they are working on Scratch and/or Alice take the picture so that you can see their computer screen as well as the student(s) faces (have them turn around to look at you and smile). If they are working on LEGO robots or PicoCrickets, or Pleo robots take video as well as pictures.
  8. If they are doing Alice or Scratch be sure to burn a CD with what they were working on for them.
  9. Leave time at the end for the post-survey. Make sure that everyone fills out the post-survey before they leave.
  10. Have flyers for dot diva, ACM careers, and the talking points card for young women. Also hand out flyers for the distance learning site and summer camps.

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