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Business Plans (Budgets) for computing summer camps 2011

This page contains some links to sample budgets (see the bottom of this page) from different computing summer camps. At Georgia Tech we have found that we can charge more than the local rate for day-care for elementary and middle school students. But, we found that it is hard to get high school students to pay very much (unless it is a sports camp). We recommend making scholarship students pay at least some amount as they tend not to show up if it is free. Georgia Tech also charges a non-refundable fee of $20.00 per application.

Things to consider:

Georgia Tech's Budget for Summer Computing Camps 2011
Joel Adam's Budget for Imaginary World Middle School Camps
Mercer University Budget for a Computing Summer Camp
University of Georgia Budget for Computing Summer Camps
Georgia Tech Savannah's Budget for Summer Computing Camps

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