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Testimonials from Teachers who have Helped with Computing Summer Camps

Mr. Jacob Israel who ran middle school and high school camps at Georgia Tech in 2008 and 2009:

I feel that teaching computer science in this camp has greatly benefited me as a teacher. I learned to have a more open teaching style, allowing students to be motivated by the activity more than their grades. I also learned to use a wider variety of classroom activities to have a multi-tiered approach and maintain student interest. I now show students the broader picture based on the connection of various activities.

Teaching this camp also helped me understand computer science at a deeper level, through the various challenges posed by my students' understanding, or lack thereof. My experience this past summer made me more agile at efficiently explaining, simplifying and demonstrating computer concepts to the novice student. As a result, I increased my content knowledge of computer science, which will one day be recognized as a core part of every science class.

Mr. Christopher Michaud who ran elementary and middle school camps at Georgia Tech in 2009:

Teaching computer science summer camps at Georgia Tech gave me the opportunity to grow and refine computer science lesson ideas while meeting and working with some great students. During the camp weeks I developed and practiced new methods for teaching concepts such as binary numbers and arrays/lists. Georgia Tech and the College of Computing provided a wide range of resource and lesson ideas to provide the students with a variety of hands on activities. I was able to use these new methods with my current students at my school and add these lessons to my current elementary curriculum. In addition, working with new students each week allowed me to meet and interact with families from all over the Atlanta area. Some of these students still email me with questions and I enjoy helping them continue to explore computer science concepts.

Ms. Michelle Venable-Foster who ran middle school camps at Georgia Tech in 2007:

Running the summer camps on the Georgia Tech campus to rising 7th and 8th graders was the most work, and the most fun I've ever had! We all learned from each other during those weeks, and it was great to see those kids using problem solving skills by way of computer science software and robots!

Ms. Jackie Bowman who helped run camps at Mercer Un. in 2009:
We had a great time with the Alice Programming and Robotic camps!

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