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Materials for Computing Summer Camps

Georgia Tech has run computing summer camps for high school students since 2004, for middle school students since 2006, and for elementary school students (rising 4th and 5th graders) since 2009. Thanks to a National Science Foundation Broadening Participation in Computing Grant we also gave "seed money" to other colleges and universities in Georgia to start computing summer camps from 2007 to 2010. We helped 11 colleges and universities in Georgia start or expand their computing summer camps. As part of ECEP we also provided training and "seed" funding to six institutions to help them start or expand computing summer camps during the summer of 2014.

Here is some of the information you will need to start your own computing summer camps.

There are lots of materials from our SIGCSE 2013 How to Run A Summer Camp at

A list of Georgia Tech's computing summer camps is at Each camp has a link with an agenda.
Questions to ask for starting camps at a high school
Questions to ask for starting camps at a college or university
Details on Georgia Tech camps
Business Plans (Budgets) for computing summer camps 2011
Detailed calendar for computing summer camps
Materials you can use in your computing summer camps and workshops
Marketing your camp
Pre and post attitude surveys for computing summer camps and workshops
Sample flyers
Sample forms
Sample schedule
Testimonials from Teachers who have Helped with Computing Summer Camps
Testimonials from Students who attended computing summer camps
Resources for camps
Pre and post tests for content knowledge assessment
Tips from seeded camps
Tips for computing summer camps
Grants that you can apply for to help you pay for summer camps
Curriculum for camps

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