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Summer Camps

ICE Programs no longer offers summer camps and weekend workshops.

Camps will now be offered through the Office of Outreach, Engagement, and Community.
You can view their 2015 summer camps at:

Georgia Tech ICE Summer Camps 2014
Previous Summer Camps
Materials for Computing Summer Camps

The Institute for Computing Education (ICE) has been offering summer computing camps at Georgia Tech since 2004. Each camp is one week long with at least one recreational activity during the week and a parent show on the last day. We started with 2 weeks for high school students in 2004 and added camps for middle school students in 2006 and camps for elementary (rising 4th-5th graders) in 2009. The camps are usually taught by a local computing teacher with both high school and undergraduate assistants. We do a variety of activities with the students including CS Unplugged, PicoCrickets, Scratch, Alice, LEGO NXT robots, IPRE robots, and Media Computation. The materials that we use in our summer camps are at Materials for Computing Summer Camps

***Due to a National Science Foundation (NSF) Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) grant we have also "seeded" computing camps at 11 other colleges and universities in Georgia. We hold a "How to Run a Computing Summer Camp" workshop in the fall and then accept applications for "seed" money to buy equipment (usually robots). We run content training on the content we suggest for the summer camps in the spring. We have seeded computing summer camps at 11 other colleges and universities so far. Seeded Summer Camps 2009. We host a How to Make and Run a Computing Summer Camp-Logistics workshop each fall on the logistics of running a computing summer camp. We also hold a How to Make and Run a Computing Summer Camp-Content workshop each spring on the recommended content for the computing summer camps.