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AP Senior Design Project - Card Games Spring 2006

Use this page to store items for the Senior Design Project on Card Games for AP

The goal of this project is to create a series of card games to showcase good OO design and
development. Then use these card games to create a series of exercises for high school students.
The documentation is an important part of this project. All of the code should be easy to read and commented with JavaDoc. The user interface should be separate from the model so that students can program just the model, or just the user interface.

Use Java 1.5 for development. You can use any development environment you like but make sure it works
in DrJava (at Use Swing for the UI.

For a quick view of what features are covered by A and AB and what isn't required see,3046,151-165-0-31637,00.html

See,3046,151-165-0-21170,00.html for what part of the Java lang is covered by the A exam

See,3046,151-165-0-21169,00.html for what part of the Java lang is covered by the AB exam

Card Games Spring 2006

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